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PlasticFreeBottles.com is Canada's Online Source for Stainless Steel Bottles, Sippy Cups and related products.

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Whether your concerns focus on health, the environment or both you can find stainless steel alternatives here.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Bottles?

We took an extensive look at all the major companies that were offering alternatives to plastic water bottles. We selected stainless steel products for four reasons:

  • Durability
  • Absence of plastic lining
  • Ability to keep the product clean
  • Long term appearance

Test results found that the stainless steel bottles were more durable and less prone to denting.

We also noticed that people had a great concern with the plastic lining that needed to be applied on the inside wall of aluminum bottles. Over time the lining can scratch and peel exposing the liquid directly to the aluminum surface.

The wider opening of the stainless steel bottles we chose make it easier to clean them. No special brushes are needed to access the interior of the bottles.

The wider mouth also makes it easy to drop in a few ice cubes to keep the contents cold in hot weather.

A final concern that kept coming up was that the artwork found on some aluminum bottles had a tendancy to chip and peel over time.

For these reasons we decided on the Klean Kanteen, Purica and Foogo Thermos products .


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