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Stainless Steel Solutions

Choose Stainless Steel Products for your health and the environment!

If you have decided or are interested in reducing your exposure to plastics in your daily life we have a selection of products to help you get started.

The site also provides some links to articles on health and environmental issues. What information is available on Bisphenol-A? What do I need to know? Are my children safe? How am I affecting the environment? Here is a collection of information that can help you come to your own conclusions.

If you are looking for stainless steel bottles and food containers we have some options for you here. Solutions are available from the suppliers of Klean Kanteen, Purica and Foogo Thermos.


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Learn More About the Health Issues

Is your health at risk? A collection of links to articles that explore the issues.

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Learn More About the Environmental Issues

What is the effect of bottled water usage on our environment? Recycling? A collection of links on environmental concerns.

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Stainless Steel Solutions

Make smart choices to improve your health and help our planet. Find alternatives that make sense for your lifestyle.

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